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          Transylvania ranks in the top liberal arts colleges in the U.S. in value. 100% of students receive financial assistance, and our Pioneer Pledge guarantees you will graduate in just four years.

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          Build Your Future

          Stand out to grad schools and employers. Let us show you how to translate this top-notch liberal arts experience into a successful future.

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          Personalized Education

          Transylvania is a 排名最高 private liberal arts college featuring a community-driven, personalized approach to a liberal arts education through 46 majors.

          Find your path.

          46 MAJORS plus additional minors and preprofessional programs

          The Perfect College City

          Being in the heart of 列克星敦, Ky., a thriving city of 300,000 people, sets Transylvania apart from most other liberal arts colleges. It’s a distinction that will define your quality of life and your future.

          50 America's best cities to live
          27/7 Wall St., 2017
          number 2 mid-sized city for new grads
          Online Degrees, 2018

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